Monday, April 30, 2007

Make Money Online Resources

Here’s some great links to some resources I found today.
This site is based on a case study of a retired football coach in Mississippi. The video shows how he made over $60,000 just from Google searches even though his page listed on the 6th page of Google.
This site is another case study but doesn’t offer any videos. It is based on the popular site
Here’s a FREE collection of three e-books that offer some really great knowledge about topics that can confuse first timers trying to make money online.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Making Money with Your Blog

I know that a lot of you are following this blog to learn how to make money online with blogs, so I’ve outlined 5 of the most popular methods used.

Advertising Programs
There are 2 primary types of advertising used: Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Action advertising. Cost-Per-1000 (CPM) has also been used, but tends to be ineffective compared to the previous two. CPC tends to be the most widely used advertising program and usually makes the most money for bloggers. CPC advertising is usually displayed as contextual ads that are displayed on your blog. As the name implies you only get paid when someone clicks on the link. The rates typically vary between $0.10 and $0.50 per click. The most popular programs that use CPC advertising is Google AdSense and Yahoo Publishing Network.

CPA is very similar to CPC but instead of getting paid for clicks you get paid based on actions. These actions can be a sign-up, purchase, or making a lead. These type of ads tend to pay more, from $1 to $50 per action, but tend to be less effective than CPC. One commonly used way to implement CPA advertising is to use it as a supplement to CPC advertising. Some popular programs for CPA advertising are, Commission Junction, and

Affiliate Programs
Affiliate programs are becoming more and more popular with bloggers. You make money by posting banners or text links to your affiliates. When a visitor clicks on these ads and buy something from the affiliate you get paid a percentage of the purchase price. One great thing about this type of ad is you don’t need a website or blog to use them. You can submit articles to article directories with links to your affiliates and still make money online

Getting Paid to Post
Advertisers are willing to pay to have you write a post or review about their company/site on your blog. These types of programs started over a year ago and have grown in huge success. You get paid a minimum of $5 per post you make, but can charge several hundred dollars per post if you have a high Google PR or high traffic count. The two most popular programs are and

Selling Text Link Ads
Selling text links ads has become a huge success for bloggers for several reasons. For one it is compatible with Google AdSense – the most used advertising program by bloggers. Secondly, you get to choose where to post the ads. It can be a sidebar, at the footer of your page, or be incorporated into your header. Most importantly you can control the price of the text link ads you sell. The most popular program used is TextLinkAds.

Getting Paid for Hosting Web Polls
Vizu is a new company that is paying anyone with a site to display a web poll. Pay is based on a CPM basis – you get paid a certain amount per 1000 impressions. You make more money for having more visitors to your site.

Hope these few tips will help you get started making money with your blog.